Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking Back on 2012

So, I'm slightly behind on this post.  But we have just gotten back into town from Christmas, are still unpacking the bags, and things are still a little crazy!  I'm hoping to have a Christmas up before the end of the week, so fingers crossed!  But in honor of the New Year, I wanted to look back over 2012.  2012 was a very of many ups and downs, new challenges, struggles, and tons of great memories made!  (Warning:  LOTS of pictures that NEVER made it to the blog earlier!)


We returned from Christmas in North Carolina and Kentucky.  We enjoyed our last three weeks in Gulfport with tons of time with our friends, church family, and each other.  Easton started crawling (and crawling fast!).  On January 29th, we sent Josh off to Afghanistan.


We moved back to my parents house for the duration of Josh's deployment, celebrated Valentine's Day (the first holiday with Josh deployed) and my birthday, and tried to settle into our "new normal" for the next 8 months.


We watched lots and lots and lots of basketball, started running to lose some "baby" weight, enjoyed skyping with Josh all we could, and the biggest development of March....Easton started WALKING!


We celebrated Easter, Easton started walking more and more, we enjoyed sweet play dates with sweet friends, and finally started getting used to Josh being gone


We celebrated Easton's FIRST birthday and the start of summer!!!

June and July

These months were so lumped together, I can't remember what happened what month, but we enjoyed our last couple weeks in NC and time with my sweet family


We moved back down to Gulfport, survived a week in a hotel trying to keep dry from Hurricane Issac, and "patiently" waited for Josh to come home!!!


We enjoyed Labor Day with sweet friends, JOSH CAME HOME, and we enjoyed TONS of time together as a family!!!


We had new family pictures made, we still enjoyed lots of time together as a family, and we took Easton "trick or treating" for Halloween at the church's trunk or treat


We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Georgia with the Rays and started getting ready to go home for Christmas!


We spent most of December in North Carolina for Christmas....a post that should come soon!!!

Happy New Year!