Wednesday, October 17, 2012


One of my best friends called me yesterday to complain that I haven't updated the blog in (her words, not mine) FOREVERRRRR! 
I started blogging for many reasons, but since moving back down to Mississippi, many family and friends use it as a way to stay connected with us (ok, so mostly Easton) since they can't see or talk to us on a daily or weekly basis.  So, everyone, I promise things on the blog will continue to get more active! 
Josh has finally went back to work on his "normal" schedule, so that should help, too!  Those first 5 or so weeks that Josh was home, we couldn't soak up enough family time.  It is amazing for me to look back and realize that the whole first month of Josh being deployed seemed to go by so slow, but the first month of him being home flew by!  Time can be such a funny thing sometime. 
So, to play catch up from where we have been, the past month has been so much fun, but pretty low key at the same time.  We have mostly stayed home and just played and had a great time! 
(Please ignore the massive amounts of pictures that will follow)...

 We have enjoyed finally being a family again!!

We also HAD to get new family pictures taken when Josh got home!  Forever Yours Photography did an amazing job and we were so pleased with the outcome!

So there's a new update :)  Hopefully I can jump back on regular posts soon :)!  Happy Wednesday!

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