Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Epic Failure

Yes, my blogging efforts have been failing horribly.  I seriously have all intentions to sit down and write, when something comes up, be in school work and tons of papers, Easton needing something, skyping with J, and multiple other things, blogging just takes a back seat.  I am two pages away from finishing my last paper of the semester, so I am hoping by tomorrow I will be done and thus can contribute a small portion of nap time to blogging.  But let's catch up on the last several weeks, shall we? 
We have now got three months down in the books, YAY!!  Time is actually starting to go by...finally, now, our next big milestone will be our halfway mark! 
Looking back, April seems to be a blur.  April, we celebrated Easton's first Easter!  It was a great day spent with family and most importantly remembering the true meaning of the holiday.  That morning we went to church before heading up to see both sets of my grandparents.  It was the first time any family (other than my parents and brother) had seen Easton walk, so of course he was the CENTER of attention!  He's a ham, so he loved it that way :) 
April brought a lot of first for us.  Easter was our first big holiday we celebrated without Josh.  It's hard, I don't think I will ever enjoy a holiday that he isn't here for.  Luckily, as time is ticking down, we have fewer holidays and events that he will be missing.  This next two week period is one I have been dreading the whole deployment.  Saturday, we will be celebrating Easton's first birthday, Sunday, we will be celebrating Mother's Day, and the following Friday, will be mine and Josh's two year anniversary.  Let's just say....there have been plenty of tears.
But, instead of focusing on the negatives, let's focus on the positives that have come from this deployment.
Well, first and foremost, we have been able to save a TON of money!  Deployment pay is AMAZING....granted, they earn every penny with what they have to deal with over there, but still, we are so happy to have such a wonderful opportunity to save while he is gone.  While we are planning on keeping the majority of it in savings, I told J that since he will have worked so hard to earn it, that he deserved to take some and spend it anyway he wanted.....needless to say, he wanted to spend it on getting us a new KING size bed so he isn't getting pushed to the edge every night!  (a small vacation might be in the works, too :)....)
We have also been able to talk a lot more than expected!  This is one I am so thankful for.  One, it has helped to keep me sane!  Josh is not only my husband, but he is my best friend and we talk about everything....I was dreading him going because there is not really anyone else I open up to like him.  There has not been a period of more than 48 hours that we haven't been able to talk.  It is also great because it lets me know he is safe, too!
Well, Easton's asleep (thankfully, considering he got up at 4 this morning) so I think I'm going to go curl up in bed and indulge in some Netflix and talk to my sweet husband.  But I AM going to get back to blogging, I promise!  Better updates, with pictures, to come :)  Have a wonderful night, everyone!

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