Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Weekend

Hello All!  Another weekend is here!  Going through a deployment, I've been counting how many Sundays we have left.....and while I can't say the exact number, we got some exciting news this weekend that changed how many we have left :) :)  I love weekends, and in about 4 weeks, we will be moving back to Gulfport.  While we are here, we are trying to soak in being this close to family while we can.  My parents have been gone the past couple weekends with my brother.  They travel with a Big Shots basketball team to national tournaments to play for scouts.  My hope is that one day, Easton will have the same love of sports that Scott does, and Josh and I will be doing the same thing :)  So, while they have been gone, we have enjoyed weekends spent with my grandparents.
Friday night, we went to my "guilty pleasure" spot....CHILI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love me some Chili's and I could eat it everyday if possible!  After we got home, Kait helped me start working on another homecoming sign.  I have made several signs, trying to find that perfect one that I want to take with us in a couple weeks :)  My goal was to incorporate something with me and Easton both.

Here is the sign that we have started.  I am still going to am some text, more or less thinking something simple like "Welcome Home, Daddy!" Don't want too much as not to take away from the handprints


This is a sign that I made the other day while just playing around.  Like I said, I am really playing to get that "perfect" sign.  While I know to J, what sign we have won't matter, I still want it to be perfect.
Besides being in shock over the news we received about Josh and coming home and being all excited, Easton and I went shopping to get him some "big boy" tennis shoes.  Most of the shoes he has right now were all sandals and Toms.  He has extremely fat feet, so they are really hard to fit, but with him becoming more active, I wanted him to have a pair of tennis shoes.  And what shoes are better for a little boy than an adorable pair of Nike Air Max shoes?!

Ahhhh...I am in love... and I know a Daddy that will be, too, along with an Uncle that already is :)  Uncle Scott is really trying to mold Easton into his little athlete :)
The rest of our weekend is expected to be low key.  I have exams for my summer classes due on Wednesday, and will spend the majority of tomorrow focusing on that.  Tomorrow is also "All American Sunday" at our church.  We already had something scheduled for the Sunday of the week of July 4th, so they scheduled it for this weekend.  While we don't make it to church every Sunday due to Easton's nap schedule, I am really striving to make it tomorrow.  I've always been proud to be an American, but having a husband serving overseas, makes your heart swell with pride that much more.  I love my husband more than words could ever express and I am so proud of the work that he, and everyone over there, is doing!!!!!  Have a wonderful Sunday, Y'all!!!


  1. That's a really neat and creative idea for the sign, I LOVE IT!. I am your newest follower from it has been a pleasure to stop by your blog and read about you!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to stop in and read about us! I look forward to stopping by your blog and reading about you!!! Hope you have a great weekend!