Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Josh!!!!!

Today is Josh's Birthday.  So first and foremost, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband, my best friend, my everything!  Josh is my rock, and is an amazing Daddy to our sweet baby boy!!!!

These are pictures from Josh's birthday two years ago!  He was stationed in DC and I flew up to send the week with him!  Us and some friends rented a cabin outside of DC and had a great time together!  Last year,  we spent his birthday traveling to see his family in Kentucky.
This year, we are 7,000 miles apart.  I really struggled on how to make his birthday "special" even though I couldn't be with him.  I decided to order a cookie cake (his favorite) from the grocery store here and ship it to him, along with some cupcakes and cookies to match to share (since I knew he wouldn't share the cookie cake).  I also sent balloons, candles, and a bunch of other "birthday" surprises to help me properly celebrate his day over there!  We were fortunate to get to skype today and he got to see both Easton and I.  While not how you would ideally want to celebrate, after being gone 5 months and dealing with minimal internet coverage, it was nice to just get to see him and talk for a while today!  Fingers crossed next year we are together to celebrate!