Thursday, June 28, 2012


I apologize for this blog post, but it's been one of THOSE weeks.  It's never seemed to end!
This week has truly tested me in so many ways.
First, school.  I wanted to take summer classes this summer to lighten my load for the fall.  After the spring semester, I lacked 5 courses to graduate.  Well, this fall, I knew we would be moving, welcoming Josh back home, getting settled in, etc, etc, etc that I wouldn't have time to tackle five courses.  So, I decided to take two this summer.  While I know in the long run, it will be beneficial, it has drained me.
I've also been feeling like I'm not good enough as a mom. I know this might sound crazy, but as a single parent (for now) I feel like any time Easton has a meltdown or a temper tantrum, it is a reflection on me as a mother.  We are in the midst of a power struggle.  Easton is only 13.5 months, but he tries to act so much older.  He's been walking for upwards of three months now, so of course he's into everything.  This week, he has decided he doesn't want to take his afternoon nap.  Today, I decided that we would start the transition of only one longer nap a day.  I planned on laying him down somewhere between 11-12, but at 10, he was ready for a nap.  When his normal 2pm afternoon nap rolled around, I laid him down, and he played for two hours.  By 6pm, he's done.  He's ready to go to bed, but if he goes that early, he would be up at 3am.  I keep him up, but it's a struggle.  He has also developed the temper of a two year old.  He is so hard headed, strong willed, and stubborn.  If he doesn't get his way, we have a throwing head back, wallering on the floor meltdown.  It's bad.  I feel like anytime this happens, I look like a horrible mom because I can't instantly make him stop.  Anytime J and I would go out before we had kids, I always said I wouldn't be THAT mom who has kids laying on the floor crying because they don't get their way.  But, I have eaten those words, and tonight, while eating dinner out at a local restaurant, I became that mom.  It got so bad, we finally had to leave.  Needless to say, I am ready to have both Mom and Dad back.  Then, maybe Josh and I can double team him and win.....At least I can keep telling myself that, right?!
Easton also has become the world's pickiest eater.  He eats two things.  Chicken and Yogurt.  For the first year of Easton's life, I was extremely strict about what he ate.  We tried to restrict him to mostly natural foods, organic if possible.  We tried not to feed many processed foods, and if possible, most foods we could, we got fresh.  Josh and I are both extremely vigilant in our diets, and while we know we can't completely restrict E from certain foods, we wanted him to grow up eating healthy foods (yes, I'm THAT mom).  He discovered chicken nuggets, and it was over.  That's all the wants.  Every meal.  I have tried multiple other things, but chicken is it.  If my child starts clucking around, I think I will know why.
I am really ready for the weekend.  A baby shower I am helping to throw is Sunday.  Maybe I will make it till then :)  

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