Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, Randomness, and the Countdown Begins

Well, another week has begun!  Yesterday was a typical Sunday at our house!  We tried to go to church.  Yes, we TIRED.  Our church here only has one service which starts at 10:00am.  In a normal day, Easton naps from 10-12.  So on Sundays, I try and let him sleep a little bit later in hopes that he could make it until about 11:30 before he is ready for a nap.  The past two Sundays, we have gotten to church and by 10:30, we have had to leave because Easton is in full meltdown mode wanting his nap!  But, coming home early, did give us one advantage....I got to skype with Josh! 

There is no greater feeling than to get to skype with Josh.  Just getting to talk to him, see him, and know he is safe is wonderful!  While Skype has been AMAZING throughout his deployment, we both agreed that after he got home, we didn't really want to use skype for a couple months.

Yesterday, I also spent time working on some more baby shower crafts.  I am one of these people who can decorate/design things very well, but when it comes to actually making them, let's just say....I am HORRIBLE.  I can have great visions, but I suck when it comes to the actual craft part of it.  So, while planning SaraBeth's baby shower, I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like.  Luckily most parts are coming along nicely. 

We are making a banner with her initials "KTB" for the present table.  We decided to use the colors for their room, a light green, with accents of pink, so that any of the decorations from the shower could be used in the nursery. 

We are also using wall letters to be the center of the food table.  We are getting a couple pink flowers to put behind the letters, and will then put the food around it. 

In between painting letters and tracing and cutting, Easton and I had plenty of fun together. 

In the past couple weeks, he seems as if he has grown up so much!  I think back and he was eight months old when Josh left, and when Josh comes home, he will be pushing 16 months.  I know they are going to have so much fun playing when he gets home.  I can't tell you who I think is more excited!
Easton has always been so active that I rarely ever get the chance to cuddle him anymore, but yesterday, after he woke up from his nap, he just sat in my lap and laid for a couple minutes. 

Had to mark the rare occasion with some pictures!

Finally, this weekend Easton and I finally made Josh's countdown chain.  I do so bad with countdowns.  Especially when they are long!  I had been holding out on doing a countdown for a while, but after we crossed a milestone last week, I finally decided we would make ours. 

(I wish I could say this is how many days Josh was from home, but sadly it is not...this was about halfway or so through making it.  But at least it is getting closer everday :)!!!)

I am really bad at getting so focused on the end and where we are going that I don't enjoy the journey there.  I was telling Josh that I have been so focused on him getting home that I feel like I don't enjoy the day-to-day stuff we have going on here, so in connection with our countdown, I decided to do something different with it.  Instead of simply pulling off the link for that day and throwing it away, we are going to be saving it and writing some of our memories or something special that happened that day. This way, we take time to enjoy life right now, while also counting down until Josh is home!  Well, I'm done rambling for the day.  I've got laundry to get caught up on, a marketing project that needs some attention, and a baby that refuses to nap!  Happy MONDAY :)

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